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As you probably know by now, computers—even though being at the forefront of advanced and constantly evolving technology—have the tendency to become sloppy with usage. Even though they’re basically a self-sustaining system on their own (much like the human body, which can address its basic needs and repair minor troubles), time and the occasional wear and tear can take its toll on it. Eventually, your PC will become increasingly slow in processing functions; this is a tell-tale sign that your computer is already wearing down.

When this happens, most people opt for the easy, and often unnecessarily expensive yet ineffective option: buy new parts, or upgrade their computer’s specs. However, there is an easier, far more effective and cost-efficient way of ensuring that your computer remains in tip-top shape in the long run: PC optimization.

It may sound complex at first, but thankfully, there are programs out there that make everything happen with a just a few clicks. You may think that anti-virus programs will do the job, but that alone won’t guarantee your PC’s privacy and performance. What you’ll be needing are several system utility programs all designed to clean, diagnose, analyze, optimized and maintain your computer. One of the leading companies you can put your trust in when it comes to your PC’s performance is…

Uniblue: “We Improve PCs”

Uniblue is the creator of some of the simplest, yet most powerful, tools to improve your PC’s security and performance. Its lineup of software includes a registry cleaner, driver scanner, speed booster, and a full performance management system; all of it leading to your PC’s optimization.

5 Signs You Need to Optimize Your PC

How to know if you need helpIf your PC shows one or more signs from below, you might want to start cleaning out your computer’s system.

1. The first symptom may also be caused by general use and aging of your PC, and that's a decrease in your computer's speed or performance. If you find your PC lagging at even the most simple tasks, taking too long to "think" about an action before actually doing it, your computer is losing performance.

2. Having problems running programs or accessing files on your PC? If program function is lacking, you're experiencing frequent program malfunction or crashing, or if you cannot access some files on your PC (especially through shortcuts), this is another good indicator of registry problems.

3. The next, and surer sign that your PC's registry may need a good cleaning, is if you are having frequent problems with errors. Frequent error messages, especially those having to do with Windows system errors, DLL errors, and program malfunction errors, are good indicators of a messy or corrupt registry.

4. When the Windows system can't recover from the previously mentioned errors, it displays a Windows blue screen that can either be resolved by system shutdown or by restoring your PC to the last known good configuration. This is a sure sign of registry problems.

5. Finally, system freezes and crashes. When your PC cannot locate a file or program source, or if it is redirected to a corrupt function, it freezes or crashes because it simply hit a dead end. System freezes and crashes almost always point to registry errors and are often harmful to your computer.


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So what is PC Optimization?

PC or program optimization is basically a process of modifying a software or system to enable it perform faster and free up some memory; generally making the whole system more efficient. In a way, it “cleans” the PC, boosting its stability and security. Although most people apply this when their computers are on the brink of a slow, steady death, it is best to start optimizing your PC at earliest time possible (even if it’s still brand new!). Starting early will ensure you a healthy computer system that will work much more efficiently on a long-term basis.

How exactly do I optimize my system?

Optimizing your PC with Uniblue productsIsn’t it better to leave this to the experts? It may seem like a complex series involving a bit of sleuthing around, and knowing your computer inside and out. Trust us on this: those minutes you’ll be spending on getting more intimate with your computer will never be wasted. Think of it as car that needs that occasional tune-up, or a body that needs that once-in-a-while check-up. Your computer is an investment after all; why not spend a bit more time to get the most out of it?

A quick search on Google will give your various basic actions that will free up some junk in the trunk. That’s just skin-deep, however. If you really want a thorough and complete combing and sweeping of your system, several programs have been created to do just that. Those programs are most likely the tools that technicians use as well, by the way, so it’s less of a hassle if you do it be yourself.

Incredibly, a lot of these programs, like Uniblue’s, are extremely user-friendly. They’re easy to operate, their interfaces designed to cater even to those with only basic knowledge of computers. Most of the time, you’ll be asked to simply click some buttons or assign some action—the rest of the programs do the magic.

Out of all the programs out there,
how will I know which one’s for me?

And that is why Uniblue.org exists—we offer in-depth reviews on why we think Uniblue programs are the best for this job. We’ve compared, tested, researched, analyzed and compiled information from the internet and various sources, here for your perusal.

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Uniblue has also been an awardee of the Microsoft Gold Certificate since 2006, a sure sign that you can put your trust in them. The certificate is given as “recognition for outstanding levels of competence and excellence.” With this, Uniblue and Microsoft work in a kind of partnership which allows both to benefit from their expertise. You can be assured of quality, and that the product will work perfectly with any Windows system

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